What is RUS-Net for?

  • RUS-Net is a tool allowing us to know the ID number of your NetHasp protection key. Each key gets a unique ID number.
  • For some updates, this ID is essential to perform recoding of your NetHasp key. Recoding the key is then done by emails exchange with your itech interlocutor.
  • In case of problems with your key, our maintenance service may ask you to use the utility RUS-Net.

Setup the RUS-Net utility for your NetHasp itech key

  1. Download RUS-Net utility: RUS-Net.zip
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Please install the utility on the computer with your NetHasp key, by running RUS-CL-Net.Setup.exe and follow the instructions.

How to get the ID number from your NetHasp protection key:

  1. Check that only your itech NetHasp key is connected to the server machine, and that the license manager (Hasp License Manager) is running.
  2. Go to Start --> Programs --> itech --> RUS-Net and run RUS
  3. In the opening window click on the right button GetID
  4. Check that in the Result box you get: Get Key ID: Operation successful.(0)
  5. Then give your ID number from HASP ID field to your itech interlocutor.
  6. Close RUS-Net utility.

How to recode your itech NetHasp key:

  1. Once you've forwarded the ID number (HASP ID) to your itech interlocutor, you will receive by mail a file Codes.xml
  2. Copy the file Codes.xml in directory: "C:\Program Files (x86)\itech\RUS-Net\Data"
  3. Go to Start --> Programs --> itech --> RUS-Net and run RUS
  4. Click on the button Perform Update.
  5. Check that in the Result box you get: Perform Update: Operation successful.(0)
  6. You can close RUS-Net.