version 4.1.5

release 12/15/2017 - 50.5 Mo

Download and installation of PALLET-Express

To download PALLET-Express v4.0, please fill out the form below, click on "Download", save the file on your computer and run it.

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Ask for a temporary trial code

We propose you to test our software for several days thank to temporary license materialized by a code. For this, a preliminary presentation can be made to you by one of our technician. It is the best way to learn how handle our tool, to test it quickly on your specific cases and to avoid losing time by discovering on your own the functionalities or the subtleties of its advanced features. This presentation will also help you to confront the software's features to your needs.

So you have 2 possibilities:
  • Contact us by phone at the +33(0)1 49 76 12 62
  • Check the box below and validate the download form (you will contacted by phone to convince of a schedule).

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Warnings on downloads:

  • If a dialog box asks you to run or save the file, click Save and then run the file from your computer.
  • If a User Account Control popup appears, click on Allow this program to make change to this computer.