PALLET-Express v4 is a powerful parametric software intended for the design and mechanical analysis of standard and non-standard wooden pallets. Developed in collaboration with professional pallet manufacturers, it is edited and distributed by itech, french specialist for wooden structures computation software.


  • Free layer management (add, delete, swap)
  • No limit on the number of items per level by fusing layers
  • Possibility to change the type of spacers (blocks, stringers, notched stringers) without restarting the study
  • Computer aided calculation of spaces
  • Introduction of three automatism to defining the spaces
  • Automatic function for topdeck with no spaces
  • Integration of a new kind of element: the panels
  • Individual management of the geometric properties of each element of a layer
  • Advanced customization of the data of the study and project (ISPM reference, manufacturer, customer's logo, manufacturer's logo ...)
  • Management of multiple assembly process
  • Graphical representation of connectors in the 2D drawings
  • Free mix of connectors used in each assembly process
  • Analysis of the joints resistance in the case of handling by slings
  • Exhaustive list of markings with associated symbol
  • Management of manufacturing tolerances for each layer
  New CAD functionalites

New CAD functionalites


  • New post-processor for calculating the load limit based on the European standard EN 1995-1
  • Fully automated calculation of ISO 8611 Test 1 (storage on racks) , ISO 8611 Test 2 (storage forks) and ISO 8611 Test 5 (resistance lower floor)
  • Integration of the 2011 revision of ISO 8611
  • Differentiation of the situations storage, transport and handling
  • Taking into account the eccentricity of a partial surfacic load
  • Edition of all items in a single and configurable report
  • Integration of the 3D user view in the report
  • Detailed results of the calculations with analytical expressions
  • Taking into account the transverse and rotational stiffness of joints


  • Ability to start from standard pallets or by pallet family
  • Realistic 3D rendering
  • Freely editable library of connectors
  • Freely editable library of materials and associated mechanical properties
  • Customizable database of the suppliers prices
  • Calculations using a three-dimensional finite element model
  • Calculations for surfacic loads (full or partial coverage) or lineic loads
  • Detailed cost analysis and multi-criteria definition of the selling price
  • Integrated library of all types of wood commonly used
  • 4 strength classes for hardwood and softwood
  • Free introduction of new strength classes for hardwood and softwood based on physical  tests on boards samples