Démonstration à distance : Teamvierwer  

Remote demonstration / Trial version


As evaluation of the software is important in your purchase process, we propose a demo version with tutorials. But, because your time is important, we also want that you get a quick overview and a quick training on the software. Thus you will be efficient during the software appraisal.

We make it possible through the "remote demonstration".
30í of your time and an Internet connexion are enough !

How does it work?

At your request and at the agreed time, our engineer calls you. You connect to his computer (we are using TeamViewer products). In a didactic and interactive way, the engineer presents you the software and proposes applications to your business field. This remote demo is also a good initial training for a comfortable and efficient trial of the software.

Try the software

We suggest you test the software you are interested in for several days. And to this end, the demonstration made by our technicians is the best way to take the tool in hand and test it quickly on specific case studies. Donít waste time to understand its mode of use or its advanced features!

Ask for a remote demo and/or a trial version

2 options available:
  • Make an appointment by calling us +33 1 48 70 47 62
  • Fill in the form and you will be contacted to schedule an appointment.
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