PALLET-Express v4 the most advanced paramatric software for designing and determining the load capacity of standard and non standard wooden pallets.

More than 15 years have passed since itech came up with the first design software dedicated to pallets, in partnership with SYPAL (French wooden pallet manufacturers and services association) and FCBA (French technology institute for forestry, cellulose, wood construction and furniture) !
Today, thanks to a close collaboration with HPE (German wooden pallet manufacturers and services association), PALLET-Express v4 is the most powerfull pallet design software available, mixing state of the art informatic technologies to extensive feedback of the previous versions.
Thanks to the data entry templates, abundantly illustrated with diagrams (over one hundred images have been imported), and specialized databases on materials and fasteners, a pallet can now be designed in a matter of a few minutes !
PALLET-Express was and stays the first european software bringing an extensive solution to standard and non standard wooden pallets designers.